If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

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For a long time, I had stayed away from Upwork. I had seen so many Youtube videos where freelancers talked about how they had only made pennies on the site after and even more talking about not landing any clients after sending out constant proposals.

It had gotten to the point where when I saw a video praising Upwork, I was skeptical. I figured, so many people have found little success these people must be lying.

Last week I finally took the plunge and created an Upwork account. Best case scenario…

Meditation isn’t just for monks.

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Meditation seems like such a daunting task.

This is a shame because it’s such a beneficial and attainable practice. I remember thinking about meditation as sitting in complete silence and emptying your mind for hours in order to achieve some kind of enlightenment.

When I thought about meditation I thought of monks sitting in a secluded temple, away from the distractions of the world, committing themselves to the achievement of a higher self. I didn’t think that it was something I could do as a busy college student or a 24-year-old with a 9–5 and a writing side hustle.


How Cryptocurrency is Democratizing the Art World

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I was scrolling through Twitter when I saw a favorite artist of mine, Cory Van Lew @Vanlew_ , raving about something called CryptoArt, and its potential to democratize the art industry and bring power back into the hands of artists.

As an amateur visual artist, I was inclined to check it out for myself. What I discovered is a flourishing art subculture pushing the norms or art curation and distribution that I’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of.

The proposition of creating art for the love of art, and putting it…

It’s not all peace love and crystals.

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I remember when I first started my spiritual journey. I saw people in flowing clothing, smiling, carrying crystals, burning incense, and drinking tea. I remember thinking, “I want to be that peaceful and happy”.

I’d see all the spiritual art of light shining out of people’s third eye as they levitated off the ground wondering how I could unlock my supernatural powers.

I studied, practiced, put in the work, and started to see results. I was most definitely happier and more peaceful.

I learned very quickly that this was not the end of…

Be Here Now…

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I’ve had a complicated history with anxiety. This complication stemmed from my habit of denying the fact that I had it. I liked to say “I guess I’m just a worrier”.

Any time my parents traveled without me was torture growing up. It wouldn’t even have to be a big business trip, merely going out to dinner with friends and being home late caused relentless anxiety for me.

The whole time I would be convinced that my parents were going to die, and I’d be left parentless. I’d create these vivid scenes in my head of them…

It’s like eating an elephant

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I often find myself overwhelmed by my own ambition. This is due in part by the fact that my dreams are difficult to quantify. I don’t dream of sports cars, exotic vacations, or a house in the hills. My dream is to do something with my life that “matters”. I want to leave a legacy, I want to help people. My propensity for looking at the big picture often makes these dreams feel huge and unattainable.

During these moments I like to think of a quote by Desmond Tutu.

“There is only one way to…

Become the observer…

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There are times when I feel as though I’m being thrashed by the waves of my mind’s ocean. Times when the sharks of doubt, insecurity, anger, anxiety, and depression circle my consciousness, and I can’t help but feel that I need a bigger boat. As wave after wave of emotion crashes into me, I feel myself being forced beneath the surface, thrashing to fight my way up for just a single gasp of air before being shoved back down.

If you’ve ever felt like this before, you’re not alone and there is a way to calm the seas. You don’t…

It’s ok to do nothing

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I lost my job on Monday. I imagined that for the foreseeable future my days would be filled with cover letter writing, job searching, and phone calls. However, thanks to the amazing career center at my alma mater and the help of an alumn, I landed a new job in two days.

All of a sudden I have nothing but free time until my new start date and I have to figure out how to use that time.

For a brief second, I thought maybe I’d just hang out and play Xbox for a little…

Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness

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At 24 years old, I finally decided to start talking to a therapist. While I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety since junior high school, I figured that I’d always be strong enough to deal with my battles by myself. I prided myself on being mentally tough and independent.

In my eyes, mental toughness was the ability to suppress and beat back my fears, anxieties, and insecurities instead of dealing with them head-on. I’ve learned now that true strength is the ability to admit that I don’t have all the answers to my own problems and that that’s ok.

I spent…

Work on yourself while you’re looking for work

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Today is Monday, January 4th, 2021. At 9:05 this morning I got a phone call from my boss. Expecting a quick “Hey Chris, how was your New Years? Ready to get back to work?” I answered.

Within 10 seconds I realized that he called to let me know I’d be joining the millions of Americans filing for unemployment and looking for a new job.

Happy New Year…

Speechless, my mind was bombarded with thought after thought.

“Great, 5 minutes into 2021 and my world is crashing down. What am I going to…

Chris Bedige

Cosmic Cowboy, 23 year old writer, musician, amateur philosopher, with a B.A in Political Science.

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